UKRAINE: LIVED EXPERIENCES OF PAST AND PRESENT – presentation of the 67th vol. of Polish Ethnography

We are happy to announce the public presentation of the 67th volume of Polish Ethnography (2023) UKRAINE: LIVED EXPERIENCES OF PAST AND PRESENT, guest edited by Julia Buyskykh and Tetyana Kalenychenko.

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The main aim of our special issue has been to amplify the voices of Ukrainian scholars affected by the ongoing full-scale Russian invasion and present their research. While a few texts were written in academic offices in safe European countries, the majority were composed under more difficult conditions, lacking access to libraries, writing under siege, and regularly living without electricity, internet access or heating. All of these articles, therefore, capture important voices of scholars from Ukraine, historians, anthropologists, and sociologists, that offer true value to the current academic debate and provide an opportunity for more informed, empathic, and capacious discussions. Working on this issue was a deeply moving, emotional, and exacting process.

We invite you to engage with this research by attending the issue’s public presentation including the voices of:  Olena Sobolieva,  Olena Martynchuk, Keith Egan, Ignacy Jóźwiak,  and (online) Tetyana Boriak, Matej Butko, Mykola Homaniuk, Roman Liubavskyi, Pavlo Lenio, Tina Polek, Denys Shatalov, Patrycja Trzeszczyńska

The presentation followed by the discussion with the Authors will take place in Warsaw on 17th May, 5 pm at Pracownia Duży Pokój, 4/6 Warecka Warszawa as well as online. To get the link please complete a short form below.

Languages of the event: English and Ukrainian

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Dr Julia Buyskykh , NGO “The Centre for Applied Anthropology”, Kyiv, Ukraine; University College Cork, Ireland; History Institute, Polish Academy Sciences, DHI

Dr Joanna Mroczkowska, Institute of Archaelogy and Ethnology, Polish Academy of Sciences

Professor Łukasz Smyrski, Institute of Archaelogy and Ethnology, Polish Academy of Sciences

Institute of Archaelogy and Ethnology

Ethnographic Laboratory Association

Polish Ethnography 

The venue where the event takes place is located on the ground floor, with entrance from the street, you have to climb 3 steps to enter. It is possible to come with a guide dog. If you have any needs or questions related to participation in the event, please send an email to or call +48602727185 and we will try to find a solution.

Co-financed by the state budget under the program of the Minister of Education and Science called Social Responsibility of Science, project no. SONP/SN/550982/2022. The project is co-financed by the capital city of Warsaw.